Local Folder list order messed up

The latest version of eM Client has added the word More into the list of folders on the left hand side. Old folders remain in the expanded More list in alphabetical order. Bur newly created folders are dumped ABOVE the word More. There is no way I can get them to join their comrades in the More section in the appropriate alphabetical position. So I now have two groups of Local folders that I have created, and there are two lists in alpha order. I think this must be a glitch from programming in the word More to group the folders. Could this please be corrected in the next release? Thanks Bruce H S

If you right-click on a folder, you can select “show” or “hide” in the context menu. The ‘hidden’ folders are in the “More” section, the ‘shown’ folders are in the folder list above.


Thank you! eisbaer. Just what I wanted. And if you right-click on ‘Local Folders’, you can choose show or hide one by one from the list that appears. You can even hide the ‘system’ folders like Sent and Trash. Easy when you know how!