Local Folder List Collapses Upon Exit

I have Em Client 8.0. I have some local folders created, and a list of my local folders appears on the left side of Em Client. When I close Em Client, my local folders list collapses, so that the next time I open Em Client, I have to expand my local folders list again. Is there a way to keep the local folders list expanded so that I don’t have to expand it every time I open Em Client?

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@Kenneth_Triebold I haven’t seen an option as yet to permanently keep the folder list open.

I too would like an option in Settings to keep all the folder email account trees and local folders trees open instead of having to allays click the “More” buttons etc every time EM Client is opened.

Or if EM Client could be programmed to remember which folder trees are open or closed on exit.


@Kenneth_Triebold Appears in recent versions of eM Client for Windows V8.1x, when you expand the email account folder trees & local folder trees and then close and reopen EMC, all the folder trees now do (stay open).

Also any folders currently under the “More” menu option at the bottom of each account, just right click on the folder and click “Show” on the menu, which will move those hidden folders above the More menu in alphabetical order to show all the time.

Latest offical versions of eM Client at https://www.emclient.com/release-history

I think it has always been like that. In fact there were requests asking that folders remain collapsed because it was never possible across restarts.

The only folder that will remain collapsed is the More folder you mentioned, and that is by design because it’s purpose is to hide folders.


I was able to drag the STORAGE FOLDERS out of the MORE folder and place it below my inbox folder. It now stays open after closing and reopening EmC. I have the new version as of 11-8-21.

Thank you! That worked for me too!

Yay. That was an annoying problem. I hit on it because one of the members mentioned that MORE was designed to close up automatically.