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I’m interested in your premium version and I would like to know if you already have option to save all emails in pst file or any other file locally, because now when I delete emails from server, emails are also deleted in mailbird, which is very frutrating…


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In all versions Including the free version one has the option to archive  mail from your email server to a local folder on your pc  In your emclient software files (in emclient internal format)
It is called the auto archive function and can be found

Menu  Tools  Settings  Mail

    look for Automatic Archiving

Note  the heading called    Archiving Scope   Place cursor over this column next to your emclient folder for options  I use   ALL MAIL FOLDERS  for the folders I want archived.

It will create a folder called ARCHIVE  (in emclient)  with a sub folder the same name as your Email folder.
If you later re name your email folder go back to this screen to set the new name you created else it will miss it.
Now to go further one can Export this archive folder or any folder in emclient to an external folder on the pc if you wish to try and import to someplace else.  They end in    .eml   again test it out to see if it does what you need.  Export leaves the mail in your email server

The EmClient backup feature will backup everything including this archive folder (in emclient)

the auto archiver is a move   from your email server to emclient  so do a small test to make sure you set it correctly.   Create a test folder on your server copy or move some junk email into it then test the archive on it first. 
Hope this helps