Local Database Cleanup

I am looking at purchasing EM client for our company, but in my testing I have came across one major issue.

We use roaming profiles in our company and I need a way to clean up or control the size of the cache that EM client keeps locally. We use an IMAP server and I have the displaying of local folders disabled. We will not be using any local storage for emails. EM client keeps a cache of information in mail_data.dat and I need to limit its growth or else have the ability to script its cleanup.

The reason I need to be able to do this is because after about 1 month of testing the EM client files have grown to be over 1GB. I cannot have files this large trying to sync across our network every time somebody signs in to a computer if I am going to be able to purchase and use EM client.

Let me know if anybody knows the scheme they use in their .dat SQLite files or if I can set my roaming profiles to only sync key settings files.

Hello Adam, unfortunately it is not currently possible to limit the amount of data downloaded using eM Client. eM Client is an offline client that synchronises your items with the server using local storage. Each message you open with eM Client is downloaded to the database and stored for future use. Messages removed from the mailbox will be removed from the application database as well, thus your database size should be more less equal to your mailbox sizes on the server if you’re using an email synchronisation service as is IMAP or Exchange.