Local copies of webmail account never stored and are now gone forever...?

I got a eM client to get a local backup of the webmail account I had since the webmail service was going to stop. It worked fine, took a while to download all mail, but I finally got them local in my PC, I thought… Now (1 week after the webmail account has been closed) I was going to look for an old email and then I realize that it’s just the mailheaders and attachments that have been downloaded, not the actual mail bodies… Catastrophe!!! and now the webmail account is gone… I realise I have made some kind of error in the setup when I downloaded the mail, but is there any chance that the mails can be stored somewhere which I cannot see right now?

Hi, how did you move the messages from the old mail service to local folders? Unfortunately eM Client by default only downloads the headers of emails so if you’ve moved the messages from the server after you’ve setup the account in eM Client, the messages were not fully downloaded, unless you’ve opened the message while you were still able to use the service.

In case you need to archive your messages from the server to local folders you can use the archiving feature, which should automatically download the remaining parts of the message to make it available for offline use.


Thanks Paul, then I know they are lost forever… :confused:  
I didn’t see that info anywhere when I downloaded the mail and I opened a couple of mail just to double check that the sync had worked ok, and of course it looked ok then since I was still online… but now my mail account on the server is closed down a week ago so I only have a couple of thousands of mailheaders left… really sad, but not much to do now… 
Thanks for answer anyway!

Just received the message from the mail account responsible that they can open my webmail account temporarily just for tomorrow! :slight_smile:
After tomorrow however it’s gone forever… so I only have a short window tomorrow to do this download and therefore I want to ask you about this archive feature, is it complicated to find it in the eM Client application? And is it obvious how to use it?
Thanks in advance!

Hi, not at all, just navigate to Tools > Settings > Mail > Automatic archiving and setup the archiving scope. However since this is for a one time use. I suggest you setup the account and use the “download messages for offline use” option for this account. After you do so, wait for all the items to synchronize with your email client and then just move all the emails into your local folders.

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It did! Thanks again!!

Glad I could help, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

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