Local contacts disappeared and spell check says every word is spelled wrong

All of my local contacts are gone and spell check is no longer working. Every word is underlined when composing a new message. Been using this program for a couple years with no problems. I have no idea what has changed.

Can you go to Menu > Settings > Spell-Checker and make sure you have the correct language selected for Mail Spell-Checker.

When you go to the Contacts section of eM Client, and click on the Local Folders Contacts folder, do you see any contacts? If you search for the missing contacts, do they show in the search result?

Spell checker - is fixed. It set itself to French for some reason. I moved it back to English and all is well.

Contacts - Local contact folder is empty. There used to be over 100 contacts there. Searching for contacts that I know were there before return no results.


What happened between when you last saw the contacts and when you noticed they were missing?

Do you have a recent eM Client backup?

I believe I did an eM Client upgrade. I don’t have a backup. Currently running 8.2.1237.

The upgrade would not have removed your local contacts. But that could happen if you uninstalled eM Client and deleted the database, or you changed the database to a new location.

Are your contacts not visible in the web interface for your provider?

Some contacts are available from the email provider, but the bulk of them (missing ones) were stored as local contacts.

Can you go to Menu > Settings General and make sure that Show Local Folders is selected.

Go the the Contacts section of eM Client and click on the Local Folders contacts folder.

Can you see the contacts?

Show local folders is checked. No local contacts. Still MIA.

Who are the other contacts synced with?