Livid - have to pay to upgrade after a month and 7 days from purchase

Bought two copies of em client pro on October the 10th 2018.

so much for it being a one time fee as i get an email saying i can purchase the new minor version for the same cost as i already paid for 1 copy  or i can get lifetime upgrades for £24 for the next week.

Up until a week ago i could have taken the 30 day money back guarantee and then repurchased at the same cost as  I already paid. In effect I am having to pay for minor upgrade after a week and looks like i have no chance of getting any bug fixes , improvements for my copy without having to fork out.

No consideration appears to have been made for how recently existing licences were purchased.  What is worse is that for users of older versions of em client 

they get to effectively get lifetime updates and therefore this update at half the price that i am being quoted.

Why would i ever recommend anyone else use this software  .

I must admit I’m confused. I also bough emClient thinking I’d be getting at least a years’ free updates >.

Hi Keith,

Yes, absolutely disgusting.
Write to sales and for that matter quote your message here
and/or give the link to the URL of this thread.

Can’t believe that they would pull a stunt like that…

I think Your are mistaken - You don’t need to pay for version 7.2 but can buy lifetime updates with discount - for version 8 and above.

Just checked and let cooler heads prevail…
Update to the latest version via the program and you’ll find
that it just updates without asking for payment or license.

I think zata - below is correct…

However, watch for gmail connections.
You most likely have to renew your permissions to allow
eM Client to access Gmail.

can’t even get the prices consistent

How can i be mistaken , I’m using the last build before 7.2 , there are no updates available despite 7.2 being released   and you send me an email saying that i have to pay 20.97 to use 7.2 .

Appears to be clear case of shafting your recent purchasers.

7.2 is considered beta so You need to download and install manually :slight_smile:
I get exactly same mail as You and had exactly same thoughts about it but I downloaded and installed version 7.2 and my licence is working like a charm :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice guys , bit the bullet and clicked on the “upgrade for £20” button on the email and that took me to the download page and i could install. 

I still stand by my argument though , the wording on the email made it look like people have to pay to upgrade and i would be surprised if they didn’t get a lot of people who either ignored the email and decided to stay with the old version rather than paying or received a lot of lifetime upgrade subscriptions from business users