Live Mail v eM Client issue

Is there any way to display the in-box from an account that has it’s folders collapsed?
I have 11 email addresses to manage with specific folders and when the interface just shows the root folders the message on screen shows… ‘this folder contains no items and no operation can be performed’.
In Live Mail you can see all the emails in the in-box without expanding the account to show the folders within that account.
Hope that makes sense!

I think I understand. This option to display all messages from the sub-folders is not there by default in eM Client. However it can be done by creating a search folder to display the combined contents of multiple folders.

To do that right-click on Smart Folders and choose New Search Folder. Give the folder a name, and then under Folder choose Custom selection. Just select all the folders you want to combine. You don’t need to change any of the search parameters.

Thanks Gary, most appreciated.
Yes I see how that could work, however I would then have a load of duplicate looking folders showing under the Mail list, unless there is some way of hiding the email account folders?

Well, it would usually just be one additional folder in the Smart Folder section. That folder would include all the messages from the Inbox and sub-folders of the account. But, as you have 11 accounts, I suppose that would be 11 search folders. :frowning:

There are some limitations to search folders, one of which is that you cannot drag messages to it, so it is not a complete substitute for the original. Because of this, you would probably want to keep the original folders visible. Besides, it is not really possible to hide the account folder trees. Sorry Steve.

You could combine all 11 into one, but you probably want to keep then separate, no?