Live and G-Mail Accounts not Working after Setup of Client

I have installed eM Client (free version) for Windows 10, but planning to purchase the PRO version, because I am using 12 different e-mail accounts.

G-Mail Accounts not working after importing all E-Mail accounts from Outlook.

(1) No incoming e-mails

Getting an error message that eMClient synchronizes the folder “All News”. I am asked to make sure that the option “Display in IMAP” is activated in the folder “All News”. However, there is no folder “All News” and no such option. What shall I do?

(2) App Password Problem

I have both G-Suite and simple G-Mail accounts and use all of them with 2 factor authentication. Therefore, I have generated an app password for outlook. This app password was imported from outlook to eM Client for the imap server, but not for the smtp server. Diagnosis tells me that the smtp server needs a password as well. Therefore, I have generated a new app password for my gmail account and enter that password. Then saved the password by clicking the field. Diagnosis showed that eM Client can now connect to the smtp server. However, next time I connected, the password was gone, although I had saved it and connection is no more possible.

I have tried to adapt all relevant settings for the gmail account, but to no avail.
I need eM Client to work with G-Mail accounts. If it does not work I will forget about eM Client.

(3) The Live E-Mail Accountseems to work, but shows a big red warning sign. There is no explanation, why the warning sign is there, and what I should to do to get rid of it.

Thank you for your help.