Little problem about licence reactivation

I replaced Windows XP by Windows 7 and everything went ok when I installed eMClient.
I installed a second time Windows 7 and installed again eMClient.
I reactivated the licence successfully, but as I close the program a few times a day (while installing other programs) it keeps asking the reactivation (by clicking the reactivation is done).

Is it possible to solve this little problem ?

Please login to the license manager and de-activate all your activated licences. Then activate eM Client again and the error message should no longer appear.

I desactivated and to activate… I need the key.
I lost the licence number.

No problem - sending right now.

Thanks very much.
It works, but I’m a little confused.
It’s not the same as I had before.
You sent me two keys.
I used one for my home computer.
I have no problem with my laptop.
And the expiration date is august 2013.
Before it was later…

5 mn later
I found in the account you created, my previous licence, unfortunately, if I use it the error message comes back.
I tried also to reactivate in the eMClient account, it does not work.
I have the message “too many users” or something like this.

If you had de-activated the old activations in our Licensing manager, you could activate eM Client using the second activation key without any problems.
Now I corrected the expiration date of the first licence and de-activated all the other activations so you can start fresh. Let me know if you need anything else.

Perfect! After your correction it works.
Many thanks :slight_smile:
I do not need anything else :wink:

Great, I did not realize that you may need de-activate the old activations.

You did not realize how stupid I’m :slight_smile:
I of course de-activated and re-activated, but surely not at the right place :slight_smile:

My client constantly asks me for reactivation due to hardware changes.
I have a client, my GF has a client. and My kid has a client, all and different PCs and they all do it.

Getting ready to switch to something else.


This looks like that you are using one license for more than one computer, you need to have separate license for every single eM Client installation (free license, pro license can be multi license)

best regards

I have just gotten a new computer with Win 8 on it.  I have deactivated my eMClient on the old laptop and am attempting to activate on the Win 8 laptop.  The activation key that you are sending to me is for a Free license rather than for the Pro license I purchased.

I need a PRO license activation.

I am unable to use the License Manager page on this site for some reason so plz don’t ask me to do something on there.  If you could simply email me my PRO activation, that would be appreciated.

Hi, if you are PRO license user and have an issue with your license, can you please send me an email to [email protected] with information about your account, email address you’ve used for the Pro license registration/purchase etc.

Thank you,