little Oops in Toolbar...

just a cosmetic glitch:

Version 7.0.2777:
when selecting an empty Mail-Folder (no matter if POP or IMAP)
the Toolbar-Buttons are drawn with a blue border:

no issue, just a glitch.


Doesn’t happen here - maybe that is a theme issue?

I am using the FB theme by Calan and now the toolbar buttons are all outlined. Not on any other theme I have tried (even in empty folder). Actually, I like it.

I have this same issue on the themes included that have a standard width scroll bar. Any on the narrow width scroll bar themes do not exhibit this behaviour. Using classic theme.

Didn’t do this on the last build so something has changed in latest build 27777.0

this was a temporary issue that has been fixed in this latest release:


Strange, I am using 27777 and the Arctic theme which I modified to have wide scroll bars.  I don’t see the problem on that.

Interestingly, with the new release, the borders now disappear when selecting empty folders-- the exact opposite of initial behavior?

Seems to be fixed. Thanks Olivia.

I confirm: fixed for me now.


The non-active button borders were not working in the theme definitions until 27777. As soon as they fixed it, the button borders started showing up. Since they were not working when I originally created that theme, I didn’t spend much time on them…so I probably need to revisit that.

I actually have a reworked version of that theme and many others that are better in a lot of ways, but still waiting on some more issues to be resolved. I’m also not using this software any more and have reverted to WLM, so I’m in a holding pattern on any further work on it.