Listed as Today, then Yesterday... then Sunday? Yesterday was Sunday!

As in the title, Yesterday, listing 4/18 mails correctly, is separate from Sunday, listing 4./17 items, incorrectly.
When I check the Calendar it’s correct.

In which version please? There were some fixes lately…

Just downloaded the latest one (b7178), it’s still the same.

Please help us with reproduction
a) does it happen always?
b) what sort do you use?
c) what timezone are you in?

a) Well, it was fine on Thursday. I started today and now it’s messed up.
b) Sorted by Received and it’s grouped by day until; last Wednesday then it’s Two Weeks Ago etc.
c) I’m in Eastern DST:…

It’s STILL HAPPENING, after several uninstall-reinstall etc.

So far eM is a complete MESS here - slow as a dog (even previewing an already opened/downloaded email), and yesterday is still an extra day, put in between actual yesterday and today.
Ahh and apparently I cannot update my Google Apps Calendar either…

I might have paid for this way too early.

Just deleted my entire profile (= /User//AppData/Roaming/eM Client) and it did not help, new profile is, once again, screwing up[ Yesterday - Sunday, calling yeswterday May 16 and Sunday May 15…