liste noire ?

Liste Noire

What is your question Jean?

Bonsoir, ma question : Comment placer une adresse Mail en liste noire. A vous lire.

Right-click on the message in the message list and choose Move to Junk > Move to Junk and blacklist email.

Once you have a blacklist created like this, you can also manually add/edit addresses by going to Menu > Tools > Rules, and editing the Blacklist Rule.

Bonsoir, merci,
Mais je n’ai pas cette option dans le menu !

Comment faire ?

What version of eM Client are you using Jean? If it is not 7.2.36908, please download the latest from the Release History and install it.

Then try again.

The problem lies - as some other peculiarities of eM Client - in the conversation view. You cannot backlist a  sender in conversation mode. Consequently the menue item does not appear in conversation mode. If you deactivate conversation mode, everything works:

I am not seeing that pefunk. Regardless of whether conversations are enabled or not, I still get the option.

Maybe it was not like that in older versions though, which is why I recommended to upgrade to the latest version.

Yes, you are right. I right-clicked on the message in the preview pane while I was in conversation mode. Funny that the reesult is so different from right-clicking on the header in the message list.