List order options for left sidebar Agenda

Hi there,
being able to group the left sidebar order list of the Agenda is one big support, to manage the daily tasks and meetings.

Another could be, to prioritize at least the tasks: now they are listed alphabetically. An alphabetic list doesn’t correspond to everyday working reality. Desirable would be a list order option like highly priority tasks, tasks which have to be done til some date (by end/by beginning/by time - some of these options are yet given by emClient, thanks), high priorities, normal priorities, less priorities and long therm priorities.

It would be paradise!
best & thanks a lot for your efforts,

You mean right sidebar. :wink:

They are listed separately and alphabetically only if they don’t have a due date. If they have a date, they are listed by date along with your other events.

Shure, right, the right sidebar, sorry.

Thanks Gary for your answer.
And I’m aware about the options to sort by due date. But what I missed was next to date ordering also other order possibilities - see above.


Yeah, in order to sort by priority, tasks would have to have a priority field. So maybe if that field is ever added, it would be a first step towards sorting in a useful way. :wink:

Maybe it would be yet helpful to sort by “tags” - actually it’s possible to group tasks and events in the right side bar “Agenda”. Tasks, which don’t have any date, are showing up under “no date” in alphabetical order, independent if they are tagged or not.

If you ctrl+click on “no date” the logical operation would be to choose another (sorting) option out of a pop-up list of options. This is a learned operability by digital natives - to click on the category headline to obtain more options to sort items). But not at all here. There is a surprisingly redundant possiblity to “tag” all the items in the group, as if they aren’t yet grouped and as if tagging couldn’t set for each task of it’s own.

I don’t get this function. To me it seems redundant and not essential, moreover the option of sorting the list below - even in tagged items - would be helpful in allday time and work management.

A future request.

One thing to note is that not all tasks can have tags. Google Calendar Tasks for example, do not support tags.

But the emClient Calendar Tasks can be tagged on the right sidebar. Also iCloud Calendar Tasks. So this seem to me a Google - emClient issue.

Not really an issue, just that some calendars have limits. I was thinking that your proposal is great, but was being sympathetic to the poor Google users. :grin:

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we plan a major improvement of task management in eM Client 9, however this version will take some time to be released (there is no ETA yet). This will include new nice and handy views of tasks, new integrations with 3rd party services and better work with tasks including a priority management.
For now I suggest at least a small improvement/workaround not to be flooded with old and irrelevant tasks in right sidebar agenda for the current version (I personally use it like that).
There is a status field for every task, which can be set to Deferred. The easiest way how to do that is to use a context menu in agenda (for one or more tasks at once) and set status as deferred. These tasks won’t be shown in Agenda anymore, but will be visible in all other lists. This is not perfect, it is nowhere near what you are asking for, but at least it may resolve a completely flooded agenda with old and irrelevant tasks.