Linux support PLEASE!

Is there support for Linux coming soon? My conversion to Linux won’t be complete until I can have eM Client running there. Mint is my preference.

This idea has already been proposedand much discussed.

However, it is not something that eM Client Inc. plan on implementing.

Yes I saw that old thread. Just hoping there was better news.

In the absence of my favourite client I have been doing some research today on alternatives for Linux. I came across Mailspring which seems very similar to eM Client. Important to me is a translation facility which Mailspring does have. It’s GUI is similar too. Too early to recommend but I’m hopeful.

The features (paid version) and look are similar to eM Client, but to get even a half decent set of features in Mailspring means a monthly subscription service. ;-( There a many better, and free, options for Linux.

Suggestion for the best please?

Well, this is an eM Client forum . . . but anyway.

Thunderbird is always an option, and it is free, and it works, and comes with Mint. It is also expandable with feature addons including translators. Geary is good if you are into a minimalist look with minimal features. Hiri was promising, but emphasis on was. I use Evolution, only because I have for years. It has more features than most, but it can be temperamental. It does not have that polished look you get with Mailspring, Hiri or Bluemail.

Some years back I tried eM Client on CrossOver but it did not integrate into the OS. You can also run eM Client in seamless mode on some VMs, so it appears just like an application in your Linux distro, but the overhead in running a VM for just one application seems stupid.