Links will not open

cannot open links no matter which browser is set as default (chrome/firefox)
i get an error message ‘class not registered’. same with trying to open support

edit: it opens on internet explorer but i cannot use ie because it constantly flashes a dos screen. Will EM client not work on other browsers for links?

Hi, try to update your .net by using this… and tell me if it helped.


I am having a problem with links as well. I insert links, and nothing happens when people click them. I test them before sending the email, but they aren’t working.

When I click on links in eM client I get an error “the directory name is invalid”.  I’ve reinstalled it with the same issue.  I don’t get this using other email programs and have never seen this error before in 20+ years in desktop support.  I can copy and paste the ling and it works.  

Hello J,

Please, try to set your default browser again in Windows setting.
If it doesn’t help, you can try to start eM Client as administrator and see if it works.

Hope this will be helpful.