Links not opening in browser

Version: 9.1.2109 (9967b93)
OS: Windows 11 64 bit

Just started today after installing the latest Windows update (so I’m ready to happily blame Microsoft) but clicking on links in emails no longer does anything.

EM Client is set as default email.
Firefox is set as default browser with htm and html linked to it.

Any brilliant ideas?

Have you tried choosing Firefox as a default browser by file type?
I don’t use Windows 11 but I remember many users in this forum had the same problem as yours and fixed it as follows:
From Settings in Windows 10, go to Default Apps, then scroll down to “Choose default applications by file type”. Associate Firefox as your preferred browser for both HTM and HTML.

Thank you for the reply!

I did check if Firefox was set to htm and html

Being inspired, I switched htm and html to Chrome, and now they’re opening in Firefox properly.

I have no idea what Windows is doing, but problem fixed.

Glad it worked but it’s a weird behavior from W11. I’m wondering if it’ll continue working after a computer restart.