Links in emails are not clickable

Nothing happens, even though the status bar underneath the email shows the correct URL, and the same email in Gmail opens the link correctly.

And thanks for sending me an email to confirm my registration on the forum. I’ll respond to it when I can click on the email link.

Hi Paul, what version of eM Client are you currently using? Do you have the latest available version of Internet Explorer installed on your computer?
If you do have the latest version of IE, can you try to reset it’s settings?

Thank you,

6.0.20648.0 on Windows 8. I don’t use IE, I use Chrome. Are you saying IE settings affect how eM works ?

Hi again Paul, eM Client is developed in .NET framework and uses some of Internet’s Explorer components for features such as clipboard management, image rendering and others, so yes having an older version of the application installed on your computer can affect some of eM Client’s features.

Please check if you have the latest available version installed and also try to install this update of eM Client on your computer, .

Hope this helps,

IE 11, did latest update, reset settings. Restarted eM, no joy. 

Installed the MSI, that did the trick/ Thanks !

Er … strike that.  I restarted eM and links no longer work. WHen I click on a link, it changes to :visited but no action results. I did not change any setting since, not in IE nor eM.

However - just discovered that ShiftClick starts IE with the correct link. IE is not my standard browser. When I then set IE to default browser, any link clicked normally works.

Change default browser to Chrome, no joy. 
Change default browser to Firefox, works as well. 

Hi again Paul, I’m afraid this might be a chrome issue maybe, if it works with other browsers it should not be an issue with eM client.


POssibly true, but nonetheless an issue. It used to work, so some setting must be interfering with it. I changed a few things but none of them related (IMO) and this issue was fixed the first time I reinstalled, so there must be something amiss. 

Also, Chrome is quite popular, so I fail to see why you would shrug and give up … come on, you can find this one !

Hi again Paul, if the issue is not in eM Client, but rather another browser, it’s not possible for us to fix it, I tried to replicate the issue with my browser and it works as expected.
If I understand this correctly, it is working after reinstalling the application?

We’re working on improving our dependency on IE, so hopefully this issue will be resolved in future releases as well.

Thank you,

I had this issue and then did a Chrome Reset in the Advanced Settings area. Now it is working fine again.

Hi Gary, glad it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.