Links between contacts, emails, calendar events and tasks

I’m very new to eM Client so perhaps some of this has been discussed, but here’s some of what I would like to have in my desktop client. I’m looking for some of the capabilities of a CRM, but handled the way eM Client does things. I really like the way eM Client works!

I love the way the sidebar shows the ‘conversation’ for the selected email’s contact. Would it be possible to add another view that shows calendar events that the contact is attached to, beneath the email view? By default this would only show events from today and into the future, but would have an option to also display past events.

When adding a contact to the schedule of an event it would be good if you could set a default for never sending a scheduling email. This would help with the CRM concept and avoid inadvertently sending an email.

Can tasks be linked to a contact too? That way everything you’ve said or set in connection with that contact would be visible in the contact sidebar. The tasks sidebar would filter according to the contact with an option to display all tasks.

It would be good if a similar sidebar was available in the calendar screen too. So clicking on an event would show you which contacts are attached to it and clicking on one of the contacts would show communication history, tasks etc. If only one contact (other than yourself) then the communication history would automatically show.

And same when in the contact screen. If you click on a contact you can see their communication history, calendar events etc.

Sorry for the long blurb, but these suggestions are all connected and, for me, would make eM Client a truly serious Information Management application. If I could write software, eM Client is pretty nearly what I would create!

thanks for suggestion, I will add the features to our official feature requests list. We will consider better information management through sidebar to the long horizon future versions.


I agree with Brian. eM Client works great - very solid architecture.

Having the ability to see all Contact History and have links throughout as Brian describes would take eM Client to next level and elevate it on par with a CRM solution.

Similar, it would be nice to see it more Contact centric. It would be nice to have the ability to pull up a contact and easily schedule Task or Calendar Event as well as see the full history on a contact - all emails, tasks and events with links to drill down into each one.

Great product! Look forward to seeing how it evolves in the future.

Brian and Bruce - Did you guys find a way to implement any of the things you have suggested above? I am new to eMCLient and am trying to make it act like a contact manager/CRM (simple - no sales force, just me) and these things are exactly what I am looking for. I am hoping not to have to pay for or to spend the time implementing zoho.

Here we are in  2014  and no changes were made or added as pointed out by Brian…  I don’t understand how anyone can function with this software.   Can’t even create an appointment from a contact using a simple right click context menu.  No linking to anything within the eM Client data, Still wondering what are the benefits to using this.  Clearly this can’t even compete with any of the other viable freeware that is available today.  On the plus side it is aesthetically pleasing to look at  makes a great desktop wallpaper…

So did you come in here to complain here after 3 years or?

Hi, I’m sorry you feel this way about eM Client, idea was added for consideration for future releases, since the user feedback for this feature wasn’t sufficient, developers probably decided not to implement this feature at this moment, maybe in future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

I understand Mr Dibs feelings about this. I bought eM Client 3 years ago and as an email client it’s ok. I wouldn’t say it was great, just ok. Sorry. Particularly these days for those of us using Cloud based email (GMail, Outlook etc) it no longer appears to offer anything beyond what the Cloud clients offer and in many ways it appears, to me, to be more limited when you consider features such as Google Drive. 3 years ago it was promising and looked better than the online email clients, but the developers would appear to have been reluctant to expand the scope of the software and it now feels “odd” using a desktop client for a Cloud based service. Especially since they all now look so similar.
I agree with Mr Dibs that it doesn’t make sense to not have the ability to link contacts with calendar events and, since it is an email client, the contacts emails. I would have thought that it would have been considered a “must have” feature for many users. Of course, I could be wrong.

I now use a calendar app called VueMinder, which does everything I want with regard to linking contacts, appointments, tasks, reminders and notes. Yes, it is also desktop based, but it provides the features I want that currently don’t appear to be available in a Cloud based version. The only thing it doesn’t handle is linking to emails, which for me would make it absolutely perfect. I’m sufficiently satisfied with all of VueMinder’s other features to accept this and to continue using GMail to handle the email side of things. Because VM links contacts and events really easily it is fairly trivial to find anything based on an email address, and of course I can find the email address associated with the contact/event to then search on GMail for the associated emails.

VueMinder also allows synchronizing with Google Calendar and it exports to enough file formats to allow me to take my contacts and events mobile on my Android phone.

I wish eM Client all the best but, for me, if they don’t develop the software further it will never be able to compete with GMail and VueMinder.

Thank you for your constructive criticism, I can assure you eM Client’s developer team is working on many new features, this feature is still under consideration for future releases.
As I mentioned previously all new features are all about the user’s submissions, we’ve not recorded an increased demand for this feature in the past nor in the present, but we still have this feature on the list of requested and considered features, but new features move on this list based on the feedback from our users.

Thank you for understanding,

Add me to the +1 list- linking emails to calendar entries and tasks would be great. Even as a paid-version-only feature.