Links and images in e-mail do not work

Inbox messages with a direct link to a site do not work. It says “click here” but there is no button and nothing opens. In addition, the images are not displayed, there is only the source but you can not see anything. All of this happened after formatting the pc and reinstalling emclient

Hello Ela,

In Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy, make you have the option “Display unsafe content” marked. Otherwise, eM Client would not display links and in-text images except from whitelisted/saved contacts.


L’avevo già fatto, ma nulla è cambiato

I had already done this, but nothing changed

Then related to the links, I’d recommend opening eM Client as administrator and re-setting your default browser app. However, this shouldn’t be related to the missing images so I’d also check your antivirus if there is any email protection set. If yes, then turn it off to see if it helps.


where is the browser in the tools menu?

wher’s the browser choice?

It is in Windows default apps settings.


is not editable

This should be editable as you must be able to choose default apps in Windows. The settings in Win 10 are as in following screenshot: