Linked Outlook Account authentification popup repetedly pops up

I have a linked outlook account with mail calendar, contacts and so on.
Since last update(6.0.21372.0) after I launch emClient there’s a pop up prompting me to login, after I enter valid(I’ve checked in native Outlook) credentials and hit Enter or OK it hides and then shows again. Pressing Cancel hides the popup, I’m able to send/receive emails, but after some time(around 5 minutes) in pops up again.
It’s very annoying.
Could you please provide some information about what has changed in that update, maybe I have to do some extra steps to get it working?

Hi Yuriy, what mail service are you using with eM client is this an account or an Office365 account perhaps?

If you’re using an Office365 account or an Exchange account, please navigate to your Account settings and disable the Offline address book synchronization for the account.

Hope this helps,

I’ve tried to turn it off, but I couldn’t as it says that it’s required be default account, so I simply removed the server adress.  And it works. So thanks.

Please install this update on your computer, , using this release you should be able to disable the OAB sync without any issues.

Hope this helps,