Link of copied page from Internet appears when sending e-mails

Hello! I ́m trying to copy a part of a page from internet to paste on my email, but it appears like this when I paste it:
_____________" /\>     

Acoplador Hibrido Telefonico
Acoplador híbrido telefônico 1 Linha – MTCLPRET1L NewNext – Cod 81.100.349

Características gerais:

  • Entrada 127/220 Vca
  • 1 linha telefônica


I don ́t know what this first part “<link…>” is and why it appears. I did the same thing with outlook and this link didn ́t appear. Is this some kind of configuration? Can you help me?</link…>

Hello, this apparently part of the HTML code of the page you’re trying to copy, I’m not quite sure where you’re copying the content from, but HTML content has to be inserted into the message using HTML input by right clicking the content of the message and selecting Insert > HTML, there you can enter the HTML code.