Link Duplicate Contacts

Hi there. I have 3 different gmail accounts setup for my eM Client, and I love that I can access all of my contacts. But is there a way to “link” or somehow combine duplicate contacts from each of my different accounts?

I’m a bit confused by the “linking” that happens from the chat application. It gives me the option to link to current contacts from there, but I don’t understand where the linking occurs or how to edit/update it later. And is this only available for the “chat” portion of the program? If so, it should also be available for the rest of the contacts.


The linking from the chat application pairs contacts from address book with chat contacts. Unfortunately duplicate checker is not available.

I agree i have the same contacts on 2 gmail accouns and facebook… My android phone lets me pair them all together so i only see that contact once and puts all of the 3 accounts into one profile for that person. EM needs to have this feature! with 300 contacts, i dont want them all listed 3 times!!

Does emClient have a duplicate removal/merge contacts solution in it’s product roadmap? Is this something we may see in version 5?

Yes, it is in our roadmap but it won’t be implemented in the version 5.0.

maybe have a local contact book that syncs with all accounts you add.
this way your contacts will all be thrown in one list then add the option to merge 2 separate contacts, i would also like an optional ability to be able to edit a contact in eM and have it sync with online databases for every linked account.
in my opinion it would be better to be able to see my entire contact book from any application i can (obviously Facebook doesn’t allow for custom contacts so you can only pull contacts from there) but to be able to see a phone number and skype name in my g mail.

Please create new topic (Idea) so people can vote for this. Thank you.

i already did…

+1 from our company.

Our secretary uses em client for contacts management. Sometimes same contact information comes from different colleague’s account. She should be able to merge them into a default account…

Hi, deduplicator is implemented in 6th version, so wait until your pro version will receive information about update and you will have this tool under Tools - Deduplicator.


Hi Jan, I haven’t done the upgrade yet. Let me check. Thanks

Hi, have you received your update? If so are you satisfied with deduplicator tool?


Hi John,

Thank you for your interest.
I received the upgrade. Main feature functions well; I am able to depublicate between more than account. However, it could be improved a lot. For example;

it found 4865 duplicates between n.3 accounts! Some are correct, some are not meant to be merged. It does not allow me to edit the job list. In other words,
it should let me select which results should really be merged.

Also, without going into the the deduplicator, we should be able to select (Holding CTRL) more than one contact, right click and ask EM client to merge them. This could be great after a search action.

Another good thing could be; which fields to be compared. Such as, compare by mobile no, OR compare by both name and company… Maybe this is too advanced for the initial stage, but this is just for feed back .


Hi, thank you for your opinions and suggestions. We do not plan at this moment to alter deduplicator’s behaviour, but because it could use some improvements I have noted this topic and will report it to developers.