Link contacts to event or task. Nay, hyperlink everything

EMClient strikes me as the best pim.
But it lacks a feature and I miss it terribly to consider switching definitly from EssentialPim I currently use : HYPERLINKS.
In EssentialPim, each single item can be “copied as a link” and pasted everywhere (item caption, note, task … wherever)
This function has become essential for my daily use.

Linking contact to an event or a task is a key feature I miss.

By the way, I’m considering buying the pro version after trial, in case you implement such a function.
Can you just say me if it will be a feature of next major release ? so that I can trust that future will be convenient? (if not, I prefer give up with fantastic feature of EM Client for that sole missing feature I really need).

thank you.

No, unfortunately version 5.0 will not contain this feature …

Well, I’m so sorry about that.
I would really like to use your app as a kind of CRM. Contact related events are important for me.
I will stay in touch though.