link address does not correspond

I am getting a error message when I click on some links in emails that says link address does not correspond.  The links are safe and I need to turn this off.  How do I do this? thanks

Hello Kasey,

In Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy just enable the option to “display unsafe content”.


Just recently started seeing this behavior and “display unsafe content” is enabled. Something, or some other way, to fix this?

Hi,  I too am seeing this error on every single website link inside emails.  I have checked the links and they do indeed correspond to the actual link (i.e. If I right click the link and say “copy Link” and then paste the link in a web browser then it exactly matches the displayed link address in the email.  

This only just recently started happening.  I have also tried to change the setting under Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy  to “display unsafe content” but this makes no difference.


If the error is the following:

. . . this has already been flagged as a bug and will be fixed in a future release.

It only affects messages in IMAP folders, not Local Folders,

OK cool.  Many thanks for that.

It only affects messages in IMAP folders, not Local Folders,

What about Exchange mailbox?

EM Client, when will this be fixed?  

Yes, it is still there in the current beta version despite the developers agreeing to fix it. ;-(

It is a shame when a company has great software but lousy support efforts. They just understand that satisfied customers grow the business.

I don’t think it has anything to do with Support; they do an excellent job. Just seems that the developers had promised to fix this, but so far have not done so.

I will take your word for it, I only have limited experience with the company. It sure would be nice if they offered an annual fee structure for the free EM-Client technical support.

eM Client offers a one-off charge for the Pro License, which includes VIP support. No annual or monthly fees, just one payment for life. That is exceptional value and I would hate to see that change.

Other clients, like Mailspring, charge a monthly fee for the same thing. So if you are looking for something that is very similar, and want to pay $8 per month, you could try them.