Linebreak not working on Edge

Since I could not log in to this forum on Chrome, I instead used Edge.

However, On Edge, the linebreak is broken. If I press enter at any time during writing a post like this, the linebreak will be added, but at the END of the text, and it will stay there unless I go into the html view and manually move the br-tags

I suggest using the key combinations of “Hold”  SHIFT “Then Press” ENTER. This should add a ,
tag anyplace you like. This is not a guarantee but worth a try. 

There also seems to be some incompatibility between this forum and the current beta releases of Firefox Quantum. I noticed it from 58.0b6 onwards and also in all 59.0b releases. For me the major problem is double line breaks which are replaced by singles. As with user1291’s problem, they appear just fine while typing, but on submit they are removed.

The workaround I am using is to use space + enter + enter , rather than just enter + enter
There is more to it than just that, as also when you paste text anywhere it often adds additional breaks at the end of the text. Sometimes using backspace relocates the cursor elsewhere in the text. There are other strange things. . . . .   

Don’t know for sure that it is actually a problem with a specific version of Firefox, or something that was changed at getsatisfaction at a specific time that coincided with a Firefox release. I don’t really have the desire to load earlier versions of Firefox to test.

I decided to spend some time with this, and downgraded release by release until I found a version of Firefox where it works as expected. From 59.0b5 I ended up with 58.0.1.

Hello all,

I tried to reproduce the issue with Edge, but in my version 41.16299.15.0 the editor works correctly.

To the problem with login from Chrome, please check your browser settings that the cookies from third-parties are not blocked or cookies are not blocked generally. If this is set correctly, also check the Chrome add-ons you have installed if these are not blocking the login.