Line spacing in email signature

Line spacing in signature appears to be 1.5 or double. How to make spacing single?

it was fixed and it will be available with the next major version which will be released soon in next weeks.

Thanks for the quick response. Will wait for the new release. Eddie

So it’s been 23 days… are we suppose to wait forever on this?

The question is, will it be relesed in summer (until Sep. 22) or in autumn?

In the mean time I am using another email program until this problem is fixed

Beta-testing postponed final release build. It will be available for all users in two weeks.

WHEN, WHEN, WHEN will the update that fixes this problem be available?

Looks like nothing has happened…


this issue is already fixed in our internal build so you can expect it in the next release.

Which release will that be?

Still not fixed…