Lincense got deactivated

Hello everybody.I have a small but serious problem. My license got deactivated recently because of “Violation of licensing policy”. I also got an E-Mail from eM-Client 3 months ago where they asked whether i’m violating the licensing policy(using for commercial stuff) and if so then I should buy a pro license or contact the disposal(which I think I can’t because of free license(at least it’s written on the website)) I ignored and deleted this Mail because I thought it was obvious that im nor violating.
Btw. Im using this account for school, to buy things and for my maturity research. I also read the license in which was (almost only) pointed out that you aren’t allowed to use it for commercial use. Some other things are also prohibited like and sending virus. I’m sure that I’m not doing anything with commercial purpose and the other things on the list.
If I could do anything other than getting myself another client I would be very thankful.

Hi Florin,

Thank you for your post. I’m sorry for this misunderstanding, I just reactivated your licence.