"Limited time" upgrade button does nothing

Every once in a while eM throws a window up telling me of a limited time offer to upgrade to the Pro version for a reduced price.  I’d love to.  The rub is the “buy now” button does nothing.  How can I take advantage of this offer if the button doesn’t work?

Hi Michael,
have you tried opening this link in a different browser?


Hi Olivia,

eM doesn’t give me the option to open the link in a particular browser… or even tell me that the button is a link.  Right clicks don’t do anything either, so my only option is to click the “not now” button and hope maybe next time it comes up the button will work.

Hello Michael,
we are terribly sorry for this issue, please contact our sales department at [email protected] with this problem and add a link to this forum topic.
They’ll organize the sale with reduced prize for you.


Purchased!  Thanks!