Limit sending email in a short time


I have a software who use MAPI to send email with EM CLIENT, i got a problem, the software send too much email in the same time and my email account was flag and the account was block.

I am looking how to figure how can i put some delay from my the outbox, to limit the number of email sending by minutes.

Thank you

It sounds like what you need is “Mailing List Manager” software like PHPLIST, Mailchimp, etc.

The software is installed on a server and send automatic email to confirm payment. I can’t figure how can i use MAILCHIMP to do this job.

My assumption was that you were sending emails to a mailing list that contained more subscribers than the mail host’s limit. Given that, I suggested that a “Mailing List Manager” would be in order.

Perhaps you can configure this other “software” to work within your host’s criteria since eMC does not appear to have that capability.

its not a mailing list, its a simple comptability software who generate confirmation and sending it to the costumers. But its look like if the employe do too much confirmation the email account was block

I think you’ll need to attack the problem from the creating software end and have it only send to emclient every 30 seconds or so. They are the ones generating more mails than your ISP will accept. emclient is simply sending what it gets if I understand this ok.

Perhaps another option would be to talk to your ISP and see if they’ll change their sending limitation rule for you because of this issue. I’m guessing that if you specify an acceptable limit, which is much much less than you’d need as a spammer, they might be amenable.

A Third option, would be to take your newly understood sending requirements and check with Mailbox or runbox or fastmail and see if their send limits are as strict.