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I want to do the opposite of what auto archiving does: I want to leave messages older than a certain time frame on the server. I am thinking of migrating from Thunderbird, the problems with which seem to stem from it indexing and keeping track of my large inboxes. I want the old mail to stay on the server but the new mail to be available in the client. Can eM do this? I can’t seem to  find any info on it on the site, but I could be searching wrong.

Hi Ken,
well, you could be using POP3 for receiving emails, which only downloads the new emails available in your inbox and you can setup the account to leave all messages on the server.
However POP3 is not good for, for example folder synchronization, thus if the email is downloaded to eM client, it will stay on the server, but if you move the email in eM Client into another folder, the server will still keep the message in your inbox.

What mail service are you using?

The best option is to use IMAP and simply synchronize all your folders and then you’ll be able to see what you see in your eM client on your server as well, I wouldn’t be worried about performance with a large inbox/indexing etc.

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I am using gmail and want to limit the amount of space that will be used on my pc, is there a way to limit by date?

Hi again, unfortunately there’s no such feature or setting that would allow you to do this. While using POP3 accounts, all your data is stored locally, using the types of accounts, users usually wanted to achieve the exact opposite since there were considerable space limitations on their servers.

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Thanks for the reply.  I had the same question; and I was so accustomed to iOS being able to do this natively…would love to see this as a feature for future builds. 

i.e. -Even during the initial setup; if the installer was to ask; how much email do you want to sync; 1 month, 6 months, 12 months, all.  I keep very old emails on server; but don’t’ necessarily need to sync things from 2012 for everyday use. 

1.  Limit the amount of bandwidth used for initial setup.
2.  Initial setup could get done very quickly.
3.  Limits the amount of space taken up on local HDD.

Hi Paul,

any update for this feature? I have a really big “exchange” business account and use EM client in my home office. It would be greate If I can limit the volume of mails. For example only the last 30/60 days.

Please let me know If there is any update.



I like this mail client and I’m testing it for the third time now.

Unfortunately it still wants to sync all my email to my local PC from a large mailbox on our Exchange server. This makes this software still unusable for us.

A year has passed, please consider the possibility to limit local download of emails. My client was syncing for 3 hours… And used alot of space too.