Limit download size

I am on a metered connection. Pay$$$ with overage. I need to be able to preview a small portion of the email before all 35,000,000 bytes are download.

Currently use Eudora which allows me to limit the size, now set at 30K. Larger emails show just 30K with a message containing the total size of the email + attachments. I can delete a large email or request that the full email be downloaded. Not only is this process cost effective for me, but it serves as a buffer for embedded or attached malware.

An additional feature in Eudora is that I can get the path information. This allows me to check on “real” appearing emails that sound a bit suspicious, but are bad news, by checking on the routing path.

Currently using eMClient Pro 8.0.275xxx on occassion.

miércoles 21 octubre 2020 :: 1729hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Diff

I know exactly what you mean, I still have Eudora installed though not in use, however, the feature is not available.
You can use an enhanced version of this feature with MailWasherPro from:

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