Life after Windows Live Mail

At the near end of Window Live Mail, I was scouring the internet for a replacement without having to lose my email address.  Outlook is primitive in comparison and Windows 10 Mail is horrid.  I found eM Client and I have a happy camper again.  My email, contacts and calendar at at my fingertips as it was with Windows Live Mail.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  You guys are one in a million :slight_smile:

Fully agree.  Live Mail was so easy to use and had all the features i used most to hand, none of the Microsoft alternatives came near to it but finding eM Client three days ago was a real “life saver”.  many thanks to all.  it fully fills the gap that  was about to appear, now no worries!!

thank you both for the praise, we are very glad to hear that eM Client helped you so much :wink:


I also agree. I think Microsoft shot themselves in the foot with the Mail App and thinking it would replace WLM. eM Client is awesome! I have used Microsoft Outlook desktop version for about 20 years but it doesn’t sync contacts or calendars. eM Client does it all!!

I agree, eM Client is best replacement for Windows Live Mail.