Liense Issues

Seeing lots of license issues on the forum in he last few days.  What is gong on?  eM client-- any comment?


Hello Jay,
nothing is currently wrong with our license server. Some users are just confused about this warning:
“This computer cannot be activated due to a violation of our license policy. Please contact our sales department.”

This means the user has been banned because they violated our license policy, as the message says. For false positives or questions they need to contact our sales department -

Banning of users who violate the license policy is something that happens all the time, seems that many of them were a bit more confused this time and instead of contacting our sales team took to the forum. Most common violation of the policy is using a Free license for commercial/work/business use which is only allowed for Pro license as mentioned on our website and terms of use.


Hi Olivia-- Thanks for your response. I completely understand.