licensing policy

Hi, would like to ask assistance regarding activation of my free licensed. Kindly see the error encountered. " This computer cannot be activated due to violation of our licensed policy". Thanks.

If you have a Free License, you can only use it on one computer. If you want to use eM Client on a second computer, you will need to register a second license under a separate email address.

If it is a Pro License, it is only valid for as many licenses as you have purchased. If you want to use eM Client on more computers, you will need to purchase more licenses.

If you had previously received an email fro George Wilson notifying you that you were suspected of violating the license policy, and you did not respond, then the license will have been blocked.

Dear Gary,

We have been generated a new free license key with different email id and tried Activating it even we are getting the same error… pls help !!

Are you using eM Client for business use?

I have the same problem on 5 different PC. em client no longer works from Monday morning.

The same problem since Monday …