Licensing for 2 users sharing a PC with individual logins/accounts

Hi, I’m struggling to find a definitive answer to my license query - I hope someone can help !

I share a Windows 10 Laptop with my wife - we both have our own individual logins/accounts/email addresses. I’ve been using EM Client for some time now and she’s been using Windows Live Mail but is considering switching to EM Client. I’m currently using 2 accounts in my client.

If she logs in to her account on the PC and starts EM Client it happily lets her configure her email address but it says it is now running the trial version. When this expires can she get her own free license registered to her own email address ?

Will EM Client work properly like this - i.e. 2 licenses on the same PC but for different users/accounts ?

Many thanks in advance !

I think you are running into this problem because of the 2 email account limitation with the free version.  My suggestion would be to get an additional free license, activate when logged into your wife’s account and see if all works fine.  It won’t cost anything to try.

Hello Pete,

Your wife does not need another free licence - she can insert the original Activation key and keep using eM Client. The 2-accounts limitation will then be applied to both installations.