Hi there, I already have a eM Cliente Free License and today, they ask me again for a new one. Them, I asked to a new one in the web site, but when I use this news password in my email it is not working.

Hello Priscilla, I’m not quite sure what you’re suggesting, have the application displayed as no longer active? Are you seeing any warnings at the moment? You can’t register a second license using your email address if you’ve already registered a license before using this email, eM Client licenses do not expire, so no further license should be needed for your personal license, unless you’re using the application for commercial use.


The same for me. I recovered my activation key on the website, but when i use it, returns a message “your key is not valid”. The eMClient is up-to-date. I use 2 accounts in 1 device with 1 activation key.

Hello Vitus, can you please make a screenshot of the issue you’re seeing and submit it to us? If the window says, up-to-date it suggest you’re viewing the check for update window.

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Paul, Good Morning!

The same for me. 

I received the license by email, but is not being accepted.The validity epira in 2016 , but is not valid.


Hello, please refer to the topic you’ve created, eM Client licenses do not expire, make sure to activate the product in Help > License.

Also please avoid making duplicate entries here on the forum, issue resolving can be a time consuming process and it’s not possible to speed it up in some cases.


This morning I received the error stating the license is no longer valid.  I tried to login to my account to recover the key but the login claims my email/account does not exist.  Please advise.

Hello Ryan,
can you please send a screenshot of the error so we can determine what happened?

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Guys I am having the same problem. I use the emClient in just one computer and today nov 18 2015 the program is saying that I don’t have a proper license. I use my old key but is not working. What’s happening?

Hi Danilo,
there was an issue when the server loaded your hardware ID and it counted as a second activation.
I fixed this on the server, the issue should be taken care of.

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Can anyone tell me if the license is linked to the account created in the application?

In other words, there is a connection between the license ID and the email address used by the client.


Hi guys,
I am using em-client for a few weeks now and already registered for a free license. I like the software! In the last two weeks I had to re-enter the license key for a few times - by starting the client it tells me that I have to register. Re-entering the key helps - is this normal behaviour for the free version? 

Hello Christian,
normally it should not happen.
Have you perhaps used the same key on numerous devices? Please mind that one license can be only activated only on one device at a time.


Olivia can you fix mine Please

Hi i’ve free license but everyday i need to copy into, bcoz em says no valid license. how to solve?
thank you

Well I want to know the same thing. I’m constantly asked for my license.

Do you by chance use the program on multiple machines with the same license?  eM Client’s license is for one machine.  If you want to use it on multiple machines, you will need to get multiple licenses, otherwise you will always get harassed by this message.