License violation


One of my customers is getting a license violation error. Now they cant use emClient anymore. Im convinced their not using the software for business purpose, however they do have an old business e-mail adress they use for private purpose. Is there anyway they can still use the free license? They already bought a license for their desktop because they use more then 2 email accounts on that computer. However on their laptop they only use 2 accounts.

Greetings, Kevin ASCI Winschoten

In the email they received from eM Client are instructions to follow if they have been incorrectly flagged for a license violation. They should follow those.

Hi Gary, thank you for the reply. They dont have that email anymore, is there a way they/i can get that email again so i can follow those stept?

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Maybe this will help:.

Hello Kevin,

Please contact me at: [email protected] with the problematic licence key.

Thank you.