License stopped working

My individual’s license just stopped working out of nowhere. I’ve been using eM Client since 2016/2017 with the same license. When I try to reinput my license I get the message: “This computer cannot be activated due to violation of our license policy.” I do not know how I violated the policy and would like some help with that issue.

Thank you,
H. Mercure.

See this eM Client thread on this issue.

Here is the same problem and same message.

Dose anyone have a solution?

Yes. My android Enterprise crashed and now I cannot use.emclient on my phone. I’ve tried to get in touch with support but can not. I paid for three devices. Need some help.

First thing to consider is that eM Client doesn’t run on Android, so using it on your phone is not a possibility.

Same issue here. Have never had more than one account and have been using EM Client for a couple of years without any problems until now :-/