License, software or Sync2eM

I recently purchased eM Client bundled with SoftMaker Office Pro 2012. I started a Trial of Sync2eM on 1/23/2012. I now get the message that my @sync2eM account is not authorized. I’m assuming that the “free trial” is over, although i thought it was for for either 30 or 60 days. My question is this: When I purchase a “license”, what am I purchasing? The license to the eM Client software or a licensed account to sync2eM? I’m assuming that I already purchased the Pro eM software bundled with SoftMaker, however, when I look under “about em Client” it shows version 3.5 but doesn’t say anything about it being registered like other software when you have a registered copy. The wording on the webpage is very vague and confusing to me. Please help if you can. Thanks!

Look under Help -> License would show you the license information.

Sync2EM and eM Client itself has separate licenses. Sync2EM is a subscription based service that you have to renew annually, and unfortunately they’re being very unclear on information regarding Sync2EM.