License Server Error

Hello i am trying to enter the license but i am getting this error “Problem has occurred while contacting the license server” so can you please help me out here?

Hi, do you use eM Client behind proxy? Have this issue gone by now?


No i do not use it behind by proxy no it is not gone.It is giving the same error

what version of eM Client are you using? Is the issue still present?


I am using latest version downloaded from your website

Can you please try accessing in your browser and tell me if it loads or if it gives you any warnings/errors/etc.?
Are you by any chance using any firewall security on your computer?


I’m having what appears to be the same problem, the full error says:

“Problem has occurred when contacting the licensing server: The request failed with an empty response.”

I tried the url in your post: which brings me to a page that asks for a login. v6.0.19861.0

I tried proxying my traffic through a server I have set up thinking maybe it was something at the office, but nada. Tried on a different machine as well.

Hi, can you please contact me on my email
Include a link to this topic and I’ll give you more instructions.

Also please check if there’s no particular firewall setup that would disallow emclient to connect to it’s licensing server.

Thank you,

I’m having the same issue…

Hi Mike, are you seeing the message constantly? Maybe this was a temporary connection issue, if you’re unable to activate the product, please make sure no firewall/proxy settings are enabled and if the issue persists, make a screenshot of the error and submit it to us here on the forum.

Also please check the release number of your eM Client installation under Help > About for more information.

Thank you,