License questions ...


what is not clear to me:

Now, after buying eMC 6 as a former eM Client user in Softmaker Office from Germany I have three licences.

I can use them as long as I want, not only for a year - right?

Of course, when a new version comes and I want to have it, I must pay - for every single license I have now - right? Or again an update price of 19,95 € for all three licences? 

What ends after one year, is the “premium support” - right? But I can still ask questions in the support forum - it will only take a longer time for the answer - right?

I’m not sure about all these things and would be thankful for a clear answer.


Hello Peter, right, seems like it is clear to you. As you’ve suggested you’re upgrading to license for eM Client 6 that you can use as long as you want however it does not include upgrade to future releases.

PRO support is valid for a year and can be renewed by purchasing an upgrade or lifetime upgrades for your license(s).

Hope this helps.