License questions

I have been trialling eM Client for a few days, and was so pleased to have found what seemed to be the answer to me search. I have bought a license through Cloudwave but not applied it yet. I was considering buying a second due to point (1) below, lifetime update licenses, but then I discovered point (2) and am instead considering getting a refund.

From reading the forum, I have discovered (I think) the following:

  1. A license only allows me to install on one PC.
  2. eM Client must verify the license at least every 14 days or it stops working.

Point 1 is, IMO, stingy. The email client I am moving from (which I have supported for over 15 years!) allows me to install on any number of PCs as long as only one copy is in use at any time. I have a lot of paid-for software that is licensed similarly. I think that is fair. While there is a discount for multiple licenses, it is still far from a trivial increase in cost. I have never agreed with having to buy multiple licenses when I can only use one at a time. Like having to buy extra cars if I want to drive in different counties.

Most of the time I use the main PC at home, but I often stay with friends for long periods of time and I take my laptop. Could I uninstall eM Client from the PC and install on the laptop for these periods of time? Would this cause me any issues when using the program, having moved it? What about then moving it back?

Point 2 is more serious, and frankly might be a deal breaker for me. Is it correct? I am quite happy to pay for decent software (even with what I see as unfair licensing) but I’m not paying for something that might suddenly stop working if the producers have problems.

If eM Client Inc should cease trading, I assume that the software will cease to function once the license verification servers go offline.

It’s like buying a PC that stops working if the manufacturer goes out of business. No one in their right mind would do that.

I would appreciate a response about these issues. I’m really not trying to be provocative (I do tend to speak very bluntly; I’m no diplomat) but I do feel very strongly about such issues having watched with dismay the evolution of software licensing over many years. I vote with my money.

eM Client seems so far to be about the best email client I have tried, surpassing the one I am moving from (which has developed IMAP issues in recent versions) and Outlook. eM Client also has a long way to go in many areas, but has great potential to be a superb client that I would be happy to continually support the development of, excepting I think point (2).


Hi, I am sorry but we do not plan to change our license.


I’d happily pay double ($199 with perpetual updates) for a license that allowed me to install on multiple (say, up to 4?) computers. I need this for work, home, and laptop, but it’s a lot harder to justify 3 licenses to my boss when he only sees the need for me to have it at work.  Much easier to give him the bill for a single $199 license that happens to cover me at home too. :wink:

Hi Jon, I understand your position on this, but it’s unfortunately not possible, not at the moment and probably not even in near future.
If you’re still considering the purchase of eM client, our sales department will be more than happy to answer any of your question regarding the purchase at [email protected]

Thank you for understanding,

Thanks Paul, I understand.  Personally, after seeing the performance with my huge IMAP directories I think the software is well worth purchasing for all 3 of my computers (I’m on day 1 of my trial, loving it so far).  I do think you could grab more market share without losing revenue with this sort of third option for those of us with multiple computers.  

Thanks again!

No problem Jon, if you come across any issues with the application or have any questions, let me know, I’ll be more than happy to help.

Thank you,

I had the same concern about having to pay an additional $50 for updates, and since I couldn’t get clarity on whether that meant an arbitrary time when that fee would be required again, so I requested a refund (after I had just signed up for the professional version); I had just originally assumed that updates were INCLUDED with any signup that I paid for.  BUT receiving time for messages slowed horribly after that.  I do not know if i was cancelled without giving a free license, or if eClient just got all my settings wrong, which seemed to be the case when I checked them.  SO, I thought if I just deleted the whole thing and started again, I’d be able to sign up for the free license.  But now, I’m not sure how to go about getting re-actived with a free license.  Any help available?  My email is [email protected].  Thank you… Geri

Hi Gerie, you should be able to simply take the free license activation key and activate your client with this key. Go to Help > License, and click on the Activate button and enter your license key and click ok, that should do the trick.

Thank you,

Paul, Hopefully I will hear from you soon about this.  As I said in my last email, when I go to the License area in help, all I get is the choice to activate my PROFESSIONAL license.   I do NOT wish to keep the Professional license; I want the free one.  I should NOT have signed up for the Professional one; that was a mistake… and in the area you send me to, I see no choice to activate the free license; I do NOT have an activation key for that as I was originally just trying it out for the first month, but had not been issued that license.  Please, I hope you can help…

Thank you,

Hi again Gerie, there’s no difference between activating a Pro License and free license, the difference is between the license types in our licensing system, to which eM Client connects in order to determine if you can use the limited version or the unlimited version of eM Client.

If you don’t have a free license yet, you have to get one, for which you have to go to our website > Pricing > Get Free License, enter your details and the free activation key will be delivered to your email.

Then you have to take that activation key and insert it into Help > License.
Exactly the same thing that you had to do with your Pro license key.

Hope this helps,