License problem since reformat of computer

Hi, our company has purchased licenses for several em client Pro versions with lifetime upgrades a few years ago. I had to reformat my laptop due to hardware issues and has subsequently installed the free version to just get going. The free trail has expired now and I was hoping that you could reinstate the previous license which I had (lifetime) - Can this be done?

Yes, all you need to do is activate the application using the activation key that was sent to you.

Click on Menu > Help > License. If you have a Free License already activated click on Deactivate. Otherwise click on Activate and paste in the activation key.

If you do not have the activation key, you can get a copy by entering the registered email address at A copy of the license will be sent to the registered email address.

If the license was registered to the company and you are not sure of the email address, or there is some other problem, you can write to and they should be able to help you further.