License policy is overly restrictive for personal users

Why do you limit personal users to one license per email per computer? I cannot use your program on both my laptop and my desktop without separate licenses, and I cannot get two licenses for the same email? Am I forced to buy a multi-machine license? Seems ridiculous for personal, non-business use.

This has been discussed many time and unfortunately they won’t chance anything here! I’ve got two PCs, here, too, and I need to install emClient for my personal usage on both.

FWIW, I’m a lifetime license user and would have to buy a second license in this case which will never happen of course ^^


Solved my issue. Wife and I each use a single email address. And we use one desktop, plus I have a laptop. Put em client on both machines. On desktop got free license with her email address. On laptop got free license with my email address. So far works fine.

Normally you give away personal accounts to drive requests for business accounts. In their case, they are either short of start up funding, or they are focused on money above customer satisfaction. Either way, in spite of their excellent program, I am not recommending them to the business accounts I help out.

Hope they don’t read this and kick me off.