License Multi Device Support

It would be good if it was allowed to use ones license on multiple platforms and up to x (3?) devices at the same time. I have a Win Desktop, Mac Air and Linux Laptop. All for different purposes. But buying 3 times a license seems to be a bit much as I am the only one using them. And I am only using one device at a time.

For me it would even be fine if the license would be a bit more expensive than a single device license, since not all users require this feature. But not the price for three.

It would also be nice if one could upgrade license packages. Some customers bought 3 of them and required 4 more. They were asked to purchase another license package instead of upgrading the existing one. This is more expensive and odd since the license is for the same customer.

Any thoughts on those?

If you purchase multiple licenses at the same time, the additional ones are heavily discounted.

So a single license is £30, but three is just £52.

That I know. But is is not possible to upgrade existing license packages if one wants to buy more or them. So what is the big deal with this? As a customer I want to buy more licenses but am forced to buy a new license package, receive new support  and license login credentials. 

The license portal is super (extremly) slow since we started using emClient. When can we expect some improvement there? :slight_smile:

I think you can purchase an additional license on the same login credentials, but not at a discounted price. But I agree, there should be some consideration for returning clients.