License model a problem for us with multiple computers

Free license seems to be unique to the computer. I setup my em client on one machine and copied the databases to all my other 5 work stations. Since the last update, eveytime I fire up em client on a new machine I have to re-activate the license. There’s no way to change the policy of the free license to be personal instead of computer unique?

That is how eM Client licensing server being setup at the moment. Temporary solution would be request more free license using different e-mail address (e-mail forwarding or such).

I agree with Jacob. This is really annoying and making an otherwise excellent program frustrating to use. With multiple PCs and some of them dual booting this licensing problem is one thing that may keep me on Thunderbird.

I have to agree too. These days, having several machines is not unusual and having dual boot is not so unusual either.

I have 5 machines that I use regularly and a CalDAV server and gmail with IMAP to keep everything in sync. Personally I only really use eM Client for calendaring and $50 is just too much to pay for this per machine. I feel that being so strict on licensing is going to hurt a product like eM Client. I’m not going to pay $250 to share my calendar over 5 machines. Period. I would however be prepared pay something for this. Surely getting me to pay something is better than getting nothing from me! Please make this more attractive for small users who just genuinely want to use your software over multiple machines.

if you have any questions about payments contact our sales department: [email protected]
We can offer a discount when you purchase 2 or more licenses.

this means even if you buy enought licenses the license is bound to the email address ?
this is not working for a company. here we buy 50 licenses (for ex. Adobe Studio) and it don’t mather who they are. for a company it would only make sense on the count of workstations and not users.

If you want to buy e.g. 50 licences, you will get only one licence with 50 seats in fact. Only one email address is necessary for registration.