License matters

I have another Question :wink:

When i buy Version 8.1, did i become an update up to Version 9.xx or have i paid for this updgrade? I*m realy not sure of this. Or is the License for 1 year?

Thx, David

That depends on what type of license you purchased.

If you purchased a Pro License with Life-time upgrades, then it will work for all future releases of eM Client, including 9.x 10.x etc.


If you purchased a regular Pro License, you can use it only on version 8.x. If you later decide to upgrade to version 9.x you can purchase a separate version upgrade.

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Thx Gary, does the upgrade license cost 49 EUR again, or is it cheaper?

No, the upgrade is cheaper, I think it is about half.

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Thx Gary. Wish you a wonderfull day :pray:

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I have buyed a License for eM Client.

It’s just more comfortable and nicer than Thunderbird and has direct Google system integration for calendar and contacts, which is essential for me.

Best regards David