license key failure

My client has stopped working. It is currently offline due to the key expiring.
I have tried to generate a new key but it won’t allow it as they email address already has a key.
when I get it to send a new copy of the key I can’y pick it up as the client is offline and not syncing

how do I get a new key without having to start all over again?

just ran the version updater and now its completely dead.
"Unable to load DLL “libcef”: Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))

I am experiencing the same problem. Trial period over, asked for activation code be emailed (at menu>help>license) but there is no new email in the mailbox at all, let alone an answer from eM Client.  

Hello Ed,
eM Client license keys do not expire, they are automatically renewed.
Your key is still valid but not activated.
Can you try activating the ame key in Help>License section?

Or can you not startup eM Client at all? Is the error a windows error or one inside the application?


Hello Sky,
if you applied for the licence after eM Client went offline you need to check for the key on your server/through webmail.


Hello there,
my problem is similar but fixable: i updated my os and restored emClient but without reactivating my license. Now, of course, emClient found out I was running a multi-user mailclient without license and refuses to go online, until i reactivated my license. So far so good.
But why the hell is your license manager based on silverlight, which is not supported by chrome and edge, and why does your license mailing service send the key to an email adress i can not access, because emClient refuses to go online?!