license issue

Recurring request for license info - Every time I open eM I get a message that my license is gone, or words to that effect. I have a premium license that I have re-entered several times but keep getting the same message. What is going on and how do I/you fix this? Thanks.

Do you maybe have the same Pro License activated on more than one computer?

As a Pro License user, you might find that opening a support ticket with eM Client will be of help as they will be able to check the status of your license.

Heb licentie geactiveerd , maar krijg steeds het bericht dat de pro versie moet aanschaffen .
gebruik het programma privé .  graag hulp

Victor, can you maybe post a screenshot of the message?

Same issue here with the free license.  I try to “activate it” again with the licence, but it does not take it.

I did open a support ticket, no change. I’ve since given up and gone to Mozilla Thunderbird; more features, and free!